Kopparn jär konschtatäre

Nö järe häLja, å BoLidn ha skwallre å säj he vaL en gruuv i Laver åter. Åtminschtone ha döm endre sä frå att he jär en undersjökning dell att he jär e fynd. E fynd! Håjren jä?! Nö vara vä eitt kLiv nermre nojstartt inne gruuva. He fensch så mötje maLmen som i Aitik säj döm. He jär häftit å vara vä när he hend!

Å opa eutlenschka; (in english)

This weekend starts with great news on the radio. The old copper mine ”Laver” about twenty kilometres from home is in focus. From being a prospect area, Boliden Minerals have made a press release that it´s now classified as an inferred mineral resource. They haven´t yet said that they will start a mine again – but if they do, it is about five to ten years away. Hopefully this starts a increase in population in our village, where we haven´t got enough children using our very fine school.

Brief summary of Laver history

Mining was performed in small open pit  but primarily underground.
The Laver mine operated between 1938-1946. The ore consisted of narrow zones with “high” Cu-grade.
In total 1.3 Mt @ 1.5% Cu, 0.2 g/t Au and 36 g/t Ag was mined.

My own words: During the mining, the Laver village was the most modern in its time. It had both water closets and electricity. When I was around 8-10 years old, I was playing a role in a film about ‘Laver – the village that disappeared’. Maybe the location will host a mine once again. I believe it will.

Read more:
Laver classified as a mineral resource
The Laver story (pdf)

Source of some of the text and all of the graphics: http://www.boliden.com



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